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Greetings from CEO

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We will practice transparent management and ethical management!

We will be a pioneer of basic civil engineering!

We will be an exciting company!

Since its founding in 1971, Tuksu Engineering and Construction is the Korea’s representative company specializing in basic civil engineering construction recognized by everyone for its differentiated construction technique and advanced technology.

We think that the history of Tuksu Engineering and Construction, which has been walking a single path towards the top of technology-intensive high-tech INFRA construction including railway and road underpass structures, large diameter bridge foundation, shield tunnels, underground slurry walls, is the record of civil engineering and technology development history in Korea and the fruit of our customers' support

Not satisfied with the know-how and technology achieved over the last half century, Tuksu Engineering and Construction is continuously investing in technology development and global talent training in order to become a top-class enterprise of INFRA construction.

Following the ideals of the founder who paid particular attention to the return of corporate profits to society, we promise to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and reward your support

Thank you.

CEO & Chairman Kim Jung-heon