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In urban civil engineering, strict constraints are expected in constructing a multi-level crossing.
We introduce various methods such as front jacking method, R&C method, ESA method, SFT method and so on so that you can choose the best construction method to cope with various conditions.

Introduction of composition method

Front jacking method

Pulling method of underground structure

As a pioneering method of trenchless method, it is a method of installing Precast structure from the outside after pipe loop ball is installed and of pulling it to the predetermined position to install an underground structure. There is a lot of construction performance.
ESA method

Long-distance construction method of underground structures

It is a construction method that enables long-distance, cross section curve construction of underground structures.
It is the method of dividing and manufacturing the precast structure from the outside after installing the pipe loop ball and of installing the ESA jack (medium pressure) and pulling it to the predetermined position.
R&C nethod

Constructed in a place with a little cover soil by using square pipe loop

It is a method of replacing or installing the structure by pulling or propulsion after installing square pipe loop according to the area around the structure.
Friction cut plate is used, so you can install underground structures with a little cover soil
SFT method

Construction method of pulling and propulsion without tunnel face excavation

It is a construction method that does not require excavation works in the tunnel face during structure promotion.
It is a method of integrating square pipe loop and structure and internal spoil after square pipe loop material (1,000mm) is placed close to the outside of the structure
Square pipe loop and internal soil are removed from arrivaling side.

Introduction of composition method

※ Various construction methods can be used in combination according to the construction conditions

Features of application scope

Cross section of structure

Construction extension

Cover soil

Flat linear