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Trenchless tunnel

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Trenchless PIPE ROOF method

Outline of PIPE ROOF method

1. Construction method of building a structure in the tunnel by press-fitting the steel tube pipe along the outer surface of the structure to form ROOF and directly supporting PIPE ROOF with tunnel supports along with tunnel excavation
2. Trenchless construction method generalized by the expiration of the patent period in 1990

  • 1. Installation of propulsion base

  • 2. Steel pipe propulsion

  • 3. Excavation and support installation

  • 4. Structure construction

Structural stability - Suppression of surface subsidence
- PIPE ROOF itself acts as a highly rigid tunnel support
- Continuous ground reinforcement grouting management ⇒ Ensuring stability against roadbed settlement Excellent
Construct ability - Applicable to various grounds from soft ground containing groundwater to rock mass
- Applicable to any cross-sectional shape
Advantages - Applicable to any cross-sectional shape
- Construction can be performed on the non-uniform section of a structure
- Ground under the service line can be also reinforced
- A lot of construction performance
Disadvantages - Tunnel supports in the work space interfere a lot, degrading constructability
- Difficult to control the quality of structures due to Cast in Place in the tunnel

Composition of steel pipe structure

  • Steel pipe (factory made)

  • Steel pipe connection details

  • Mortar casting (steel pipe inside)

Comparison of PIPE ROOP steel pipe drilling method

PIPE ROOP construction method examples

  • Gyeongjeon Line Sagok over road bridge installation construction


    - Pass under Gyeongjeon Line(Railroad)

  • Suwon private station subway passageway construction


    - Pass under Gyeongbu Line (Railroad)

  • Seoul Subway Line 6 6-10 Zone Construction


    - Pass under the road

  • Gwangju Urban Railway 1-2 Zone Construction


    - Pass under Honam Line (Railroad)



    - Pass under the road

  • DTL3-C925 PIPE JACKING Construction(Singapore)


    - Pass under the road