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In complex downtown areas like modern society, the development of underground space is increasing through the means of tunneling. Therefore, a complex construction method is required due to the close construction of adjacent buildings and existing underground structures in the complex downtown.
We introduce the semi-shield and shield construction method used by Tuksu Engineering and Construction as an optimal tunneling method under these strict constraints.

Introduction of composition method

Semi-Shield method

Mud is sent to the sand pump on the front excavation surface of closed machine digging and prevents the collapse of working face by pressing the working face surface and soil and rock excavated by the cutting wheel on the front part of the excavator are mixed with mud and discharged to the ground by a powerful vane pump, and the mixture of discharged mud and slime is separated by Desander and spoil is treated, and mud is supplied again to the working face surface by the sand pump.

It is a construction method in which the working face of a tunnel is excavated and a tunnel is constructed as the work of removing the excavation space is repeated while continuously pushing the blast tube by the propulsion jack of the blast tube rear located in departure device in the excavated space.

Shield method

The Shield method is a mechanical underground tunnel excavation method. The type of Shield TBM is selected and manufactured according to the cross section and geological features, and then the equipment is installed in the vertical aperture underground location to be excavated. The outside of Shield TBM is made of a rigid steel container called Skin Plate (Shield) and consists of front, center and rear.

The propulsion method is to rotate the cutting wheel for digging while maintaining the earth pressure in the chamber to improve the fluidity and then, the propulsion jack of Shield TBM is used for propulsion while supporting the segment with reaction force after constructing the first lining while assembling and installing the segment and the tunnel is completed by repeating it continuously.


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    The best technology in the world

    The Seocho branch electric power field has achieved innovative technological advancement of the Semi-Shield method by successfully performing the longest propulsion distance in the world (L=800m) and 5 curves (R=200m, 250m) in 1Span for the first time in the world as Semi-Shield method and was recognized for the best technology of Tuksu Engineering and Construction with perfect construction and quality even under the construction conditions which were judged impossible.

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    Adoption of world-leading equipment and technology

    The adoption of Semi-Shield and Shield Machine from HERRENKNECHT, which is the world's leading equipment manufacturer, enabled the complete construction under any construction conditions, and the introduction of advanced tunnel equipment and state-of-the-art measurement systems enabled precise digging.

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    Best construction quality

    Constructed by Tuksu Engineering and Construction with the Shield construction method, the Han River Underwater Tunnel is a project to which the mud pressurized shield construction method is applied. It is a composite ground under high water pressure alternating with a vertical depth of 42m, a pushing distance of 1,307m, weathering soil, weathered rocks, fragmental zone of fault, soft-hard rocks. After thorough preparation with the latest tunneling equipment (HERRENKNECHT) and our technology, we have completed the tunneling in 8 months from the initial drilling to the main drilling, despite the bad working conditions.

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    SYNERGY Effect of Field / Heavy Industry Division / Headquarters

    The Heavy Industry Division of Tuksu Engineering and Construction located in Asan enables the equipment to maintain an optimal state through continuous management of semi-shield and shield equipment and is leading the localization of disc cutters, descenders and various shield related equipment. In addition, we are making the best tunnels with close cooperation of the Headquarters and Heavy Industry Division.