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Shield method

Shield construction sequence

Shield construction photo

[Construction Photo: Han River Underwater tunnel site during 1st project of Han River downstream water supply system construction]

  • Propulsion plant installation - Entrance, reaction wall, ground facility and piping

  • Early drilling preparation – Equipment vertical aperture Setting

  • Early drilling - Shield TBM and movement into rear trailer tunnel

  • Main drilling preparation - Trolley, switching point, relay pump Installation

  • Main drilling - Segment assembly, drilling, backfilling Injection

  • Arrival drilling – Arrival device penetration and equipment taking out

Tunnel measurement

With the introduction of the latest surveying system that is suitable for the field for precise straight and curved tunneling, it is possible to take quick action in the case of meandering, enabling precise arrival drilling.

  • ELS

    (Electronic Laser System)


    (Hydrostatic Water Leveling)

  • GNS-P

    (Gyro Navigation System)

The measurements of all tunnels are displayed on a computer monitor in real time, and the number and intervals of measurement, etc. are automatically controlled and can be adjusted according to terrain conditions and excavation conditions.
In addition, all data is stored on the main computer and provides all the information about the correction of the drilling direction by showing the top, bottom, right and left deviation of the equipment and future drilling trends based on the center of the tunnel.
Information about all measurements that appear in real-time on the monitor is automatically saved, so you can check the drilling history at any time and the survey data can be documented.

All information related to surveying is displayed on the monitor screen of the Operator Room in real time, so operators can make precise tunneling based on this information.

Backfill injection

The purpose is to prevent leakage and sinking by filling the space by the difference in outer diameters of the segment and Shield TBM. In the case of large hydraulic pressure during the excavation under ground-water level, the general backfill injection method cannot achieve perfect filling and the effect is significantly reduced, so it should be replaced with the grouting method which can cope with the ground condition.

Thixotropical-gel Mortar Parking Method [Patent application No. 2000-0025988]

→ Although the grout itself has no fluidity, it can be easily flowed by applying a little pressure, and the use of environmentally friendly medicinal fluids makes it possible to fill well in water and limited injection is possible. Even if it comes in contact with water, a material cannot be separated, so uniform strength can be obtained and there is no leakage from gap such as cracks.

  • At the top of the model tunnel, 15 Liter of water is injected per minute, and the upper part is flowed and Thixotropical-gel Air Pack Mortar is gradually injected into the lower part.

  • Air Pack Mortar is slowly solidified in the water, and aggregate separation hardly occurs.

  • It is not diluted in water and is solid in water, and it can be found that there is no leakage of Air contained in Mortar.

Thixotropical-gel grouting plant