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General civil engineering is an essential part of improving the quality of life by building infrastructure.
Tuksu Engineering and Construction greatly contributes to domestic and overseas development by participating in a wide range of general civil engineering projects such as bridges, roads, railways, subways, and residential land.

Prior to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, we have been carrying out a number of railway works including Ulsan Pohang and Pohang Samcheok, Seohae Line Hongseong Songsan starting with construction of high-speed railway between Wonju and Gangneung to build railway infrastructure, and we are proud of our various construction experiences and excellent construction ability such as 2-ARCH Tunnel of Geoje Masan National Highway construction section including Guri Pocheon Expressway which is a private business and Namyangju Dasan district residential development project.

Bridge / Railway

Wonju-Gangneung Railway Construction 11-2 Zone

- Ordering organization : Korea Rail Network Authority
- Contractor : Sambu Construction Co., Ltd.
- Construction period : 14/11/27~18/06/30
- Major construction : L=6,590m [Main line:4,100m, Yeongdong Line improvement 590m, Samgak Line:1,900m]


Guri Pocheon Expressway Private Investment Business, 3-2 Zone

- Ordering organization : Seoul Northern Highway Corporation Co., Ltd.
- Construction period : 14/03/18~17/06/29

Railway / NATM/Bridge

Donghae-Line Pohang Samcheok Railway Construction 11 Zone

- Ordering organization : Korea Rail Network Authority
- Contractor : SK Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.
- Construction period : 15/10/02~18/08/20
- Major construction : L=9.05km [NATM tunnel L=5,571m]

Subway / NATM

Jinjeop Line (Danggogae ~ Jinjeop) Double track railway construction 2 Zone

- Ordering organization : Korea Rail Network Authority
- Contractor : Kumho Industrial Co., Ltd.
- Construction period : 17/08/24~20/03/28
- Major construction : L=1,960m [NATM tunnel: 1,748.5m]

National Highway / 2ARCH

Geoje ~ Masan National Highway Construction Project No.

- Ordering organization : Busan Construction and Management Administration
- Contractor : SK Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.
- Construction period : 17/03/28~20/07/31
- Major construction : L=6.4km[ 2-ARCH tunnel: 515m]

housing site

Site Development Corporation of Dasan Jingeon District, Namyangju

- Ordering organization : Gyeonggi Provincial Construction Company
- Contractor : Tuksu Engineering Co.,Ltd.
- Construction period : 14/01/07~20/06/30