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The buildings of modern society are becoming more and more high-rise, and the development of traffic is demanding the construction method of underground foundation required for long-span bridges.
Thus, as the Korea's first and largest holding company of BG, a large diameter sea-bottom-digging universal excavator, Tuksu Engineering and Construction has proven and has been certified for the superiority of our advanced construction equipment and technology by successfully accomplishing the super large diameter cast-in-place pile project overseas beyond Korea.

Introduction of composition method

BG construction method The BG construction method is a method developed by BAUER of Germany as large diameter, sea-bottom-digging cast-in-place pile construction. It is used for many purposes such as bridge foundation, open structure foundation, and land slide suppressing pile.
Its strong torque (367knm) enables versatile multi-tasking. It is a device that can excavate the hard ground under bad conditions only by replacing the tip excavation equipment which is suitable for the ground conditions

It is a state-of-the-art equipment and is the most advanced method that does not give damage at all by boring without any impact on the bedrock, safely transfers the load of the upper structure to the lower part and that is stable and economical as foundation work of structures.
RCD construction method R.C.D is a device that excavates the bedrock by rotating a special bit attached to the end of the drill rod when excavating soft and hard rock layers after excavating the soil layer of the upper part with Casing Oscillator or BG-50 and that sucks broken rocks with circulating water by Air with Drill Rod Pipe to discharge them to the ground.
It is the key equipment of large diameter cast-in-place and Top Down construction method used for bridge foundation, large building foundation, overpass foundation work etc.

Types of cast-in-place piles