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Underground foundation

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BG construction method

Equipment status

Equipment name Model Standard Number of equipment Manufacturing company
Large diameter borer BG30 Φ1000 ~ Φ2500 2 units BAUER(Germany)
BG40 Φ1000 ~ Φ3000 1 units BAUER(Germany)
BG50 Φ1000 ~ Φ3000 2 units BAUER(Germany)
D-wall BC30 L = 2800 / W800 ~ W1500 1 units BAUER(Germany)
BC40 1 units BAUER(Germany)
Hang Grab W800 ~ W1500 5 units Sambo Construction Machinery
R.C.D M/C PBA933 Φ2000 ~ Φ3800 3 units WIRTH(Germany)
PBA821 Φ2000 ~ Φ3000 1 units WIRTH(Germany)
TS150A Φ1000 ~ Φ1500 2 units Samjin, Korea
MGN2500 max. Φ2500 1 units NCB(Germany)
BV2000HD and others max. Φ2000 4 units BAUER(Germany)
Goc150A and others max. Φ1500 5 units Gosung(Korea)
Vibrator Hammer 240HD max. Φ5000 1 units PTC(France)
RBH1050B max. Φ3000 1 units MGF(Germany)
Crane LIEBHERR 120TON 1 units Germany

BG Construction Order

BG construction photo

  • Measurement by Electronic Distance Measurement Devices

  • Casing Shoe Installation

  • Casing indentation

  • BG excavation

  • Removal of slime by surging

  • Check drilling depth

  • Reinforcing mesh machining assembly

  • Reinforcing mesh erection

  • Concrete casting

  • Concrete complete

  • Head cutting

  • Head cutting complete