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Slurry Wall construction method

D-Wall, Slurry Wall

The slurry wall construction method is a method of supplying stabilizer liquid (Bentonite) as soon as excavated by the excavating equipment to prevent the collapse of excavation surface and to block the inflow of groundwater and to form a structure under the ground
When excavating the ground using clamshell and hydro mill, continuous reinforced concrete walls are formed in the ground by repeating the work of filling the trench excavation area with the stabilizer liquid and excavating it to a predetermined depth and then, erecting reinforcing mesh and casting concrete.

As a cut off wall, this wall is used as the foundation of a dam or as a temporary wall of a building, and recently even main body wall is used. The stabilizer liquid used in Trench excavation is an aqueous solution having a higher specific gravity than water. It penetrates the soil pore of the excavation surface as well as stability of the excavation surface, thereby enhancing the cutoff effect of the structure forming the cut off wall.


With various advantages, the slurry wall construction method is used variously as retaining walls, underground structure walls, protective walls, cut off walls, foundation of various structures, etc. It is being used as a part of structure or itself due to advance in technology, construction wall, machine development, and uses for each purpose are as follows

- Basement, underground parking lot and underground shopping center of architectural structure
- Subway, underpass, shield's vertical shaft
- Sewage treatment plant, water purification plant, underground substation
- Utility tunnel, culvert
- Dam cut off wall, leachate shield of landfill

Slurry wall technology

The construction can be done from the fragile silt layer to the rock mass without being dependent on the ground conditions. The excavation verticality is controlled within 1.2% range, and the maximum construction depth is 80-100m.

Slurry-Wall Construction Order

Slurry wall construction photo

※ Continuous wall formation with 2P, 3S continuous operation

  • Siro and plant installation

  • Guide wall installation

  • 1P Panel excavation

  • Stabilizer liquid circulation, Soil removal

  • Reinforcing mesh production

  • Reinforcing mesh erection

  • Concrete casting

  • Casing complete

Slurry wall construction cross-sectional diagram

  • Excavation preparation

  • 1P Panel excavation

  • 1P Panel center excavation

  • Reinforcing mesh erection

  • 1P Panel concrete casting

  • 2P Panel excavation

  • Reinforcing mesh erection

  • 2P Panel casting

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    The best technology in the world

    The Busan New Port Entry Road Site has achieved innovative technological advancement of the BG method by successfully performing the domestic longest depth large-diameter cast-in-place (D2000mm / Depth: 85.7m) as the BG method and was recognized for the best technology of Tuksu Engineering and Construction with perfect construction and quality even under the construction conditions which were judged impossible.

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    Adoption of the best equipment and technology in Korea

    The adoption of the large diameter pile machine BG30, 50RCD and slurry wall machine BC40 from BAUER of Germany, which is the world's leading equipment manufacturer, enabled the complete construction under any construction conditions, and the introduction of the first advanced drilling equipment in Korea has made drilling more precise and complete based on years of abundant construction know-how.

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    SYNERGY Effect of Field / Heavy Industry Division / Headquarters

    The Heavy Industry Division of Tuksu Engineering and Construction located in Asan enables the equipment to maintain an optimal state through continuous management of RCD and BG equipment and is leading the localization of oscillator, V/H and various large diameter related equipment. In addition, we are making the best cast-in-place piles with close cooperation of the Headquarters and Heavy Industry Division.