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Pipeline diagnostic technology

Until now, budget and policy have been concentrated on the water quality management of the water purification plant, which is the production process of tap water, and the diagnosis and management of the water supply pipe network, which is a transportation process, have been insufficient, leading to frequent pipeline accidents.
In order to prevent such pipeline accidents, it is necessary to diagnose the exact condition of pipelines and to conduct scientific and systematic management in which accurate leak detection and recovery of leakage points are performed.

Comprehensive water pipeline diagnosis technology

- Comprehensive piping condition diagnosis such as image analysis, leak detection, underground pipe locating
- Scale generation inside the pipeline in the branching condition is diagnosed with a high-resolution camera (moving up to 105m)
- An acoustic capsule is attached to the cable to record the leak sound as it moves
- The frequency on a cable passes through the cable to explore the pipeline location as detecting the frequency emitted from the cable inside the pipe from the outside

Camera size 22mm, 35mm (2.5 megapixel)
Working pressure 16kgf/cm2
Travel distance 105m
Leak exploration Hydrophone
Underground pipe locating Location search using frequency

Comprehensive water pipeline diagnosis technology

  • Branching endoscopic camera

  • Leak detection acoustic capsule

Underground pipe locating technology

Leak detection technology

- Exploration of leaking position by detecting sound waves where the leakage sound is delivered along the fluid, not the pipe body with Hydrophone
- A sensor using Hydrophone is attached to both points of the leakage suspected section, and the leak signal is measured and analyzed to estimate the leak position
- Possible to detect low elastic frequency of nonmetallic pipe (Possible to detect nonmetallic pipe / Minimized exploration time)
- Automatic noise filter and rapid measurement and analysis available

Accuracy ± 1m (3ft)
Flow rate range > 1.5m/s (5ft/s)
Applicable pipe diameter D50mm~D3,000mm
Underground pipe location exploration Contact Sensor : 183m
Hydrophone : 305m

Principle of leakage exploration technology

Leak detection technology