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Based on our ability to realize the advancement of construction method and equipment from construction to construction equipment production, we established a heavy industry plant in Asan in December 1995 to localize special equipment with high dependency on imports, to manufacture coating lines for automobile factories and industrial plants.

The Asan Plant of Tuksu Engineering and Construction, which introduced the best facilities at home and abroad, has a lot of performance in producing coating lines for automobile factories such as Hyundai, Kia and Daewoo and industrial plants such as POSCO and Nippon Steel Corporation.
A company that values the foundation and technology, the society in which these companies come together, Tuksu Engineering and Construction is committed to achieving this through only one way.

Introduction of composition method

Plant facility business We are manufacturing and installing various kinds of planters. Especially through the agreement with DURR in Germany and TAIKISHA in Japan, we are manufacturing PLANT for various vehicle related painting process such as Kia / Hyundai, Ford, etc. established in Korea and overseas including Brazil, India, Thailand, China, Russia, Czech Republic.
Through the CTP-KOREA agreement, we are manufacturing and installing environmental facilities of Samsung Electronics and SK.
Construction Machinery Business The dry season management team was established to respond to the streamlining and large scale of the construction site and activation of construction business required at the present time, and it is an independent on-site support team that manages the various types of construction machinery, machine devices, tools, etc. used in our company.
Used in rough construction sites that are always being moved, construction machines, machine devices, tools, etc. should be less defective and durable, and maintenance and production are required

The dry season management team, which has a yard and repair shop in the Asan Plant of about 30,000 pyeong, is working to optimize support for the active construction of each site.